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  • Hello people.

    I would like to introduce my self to our host members so you get to know more about me.

    My name is Mgd and I am from Israel and I am 17 years old, I’ve been into Galaxy Host Free project since 2014 and we made a lot of wonderful stuff in the past and we’re still doing it.

    I have few hobbies that I like, Building up computers, Army, Playing XBOX One, Running at the morning and my work.
    What I mean with my work, I really love what I do, I enjoy being Galaxy Host Free Leader and I enjoy my job at my normal life, somebody said once, if you love your job you will know how to live and enjoy the money you will get but if you love the money you will never work to get money and all your life will be boring :).

    I guess you know some small stuff about me, I hope we all get along each other and if somebody got any question about me, go ahead and ask it in a reply :).

    Mgdmgd - GHF Leader.

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