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  • 256 MB Ram
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • 0.5 CPU Power
  • x1 IPv4 + /80 IPv6

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  • Hello today I will be providing you what our host providing and what it stands for and all the information that you might wanna know.

    Galaxy Host Free was found by JanuszC back at 2013 and the host we’re providing SA:MP Free Servers but after three years the project has came to It’s end and it was shut down after being very successful for reasons which I can’t provide.

    Galaxy Host Free is re-activated again but this time in a very different method and will be providing a different services which is free OpenVM Servers with limited specs, yes FREE Servers.
    We will be providing you servers with the following specs :

    Ram 256 MB
    10 GB Storage
    500 GB Bandwidth
    0.5 CPU Power
    x1 IPv4 + /80 IPv6

    We are launching the system soon but in meanwhile we’re still working on it to offer you the best free services ever from this rare kind, we will be offering you high-end services with unique panel developed by our mother company Galaxy Host Plus and we will make sure to offer you fast support and make sure to make every member that joins our services stays happy.

    About the limited specs, we’ve limited the specs to the ones I’ve stated above and nobody is getting more specs or special edition unless he wins an event that been organized from our Staff Team or Galaxy Host Plus team or you could upgrade your plan to premium services through Galaxy Host Plus.

    Kind Regards,
    Mgdmgd - GHF Leader.

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