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  • 256 MB Ram
  • 10 GB Storage
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • 0.5 CPU Power
  • x1 IPv4 + /80 IPv6

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  • Hello,
    In this topic I will be providing you our Host Terms Of Use containing rules, I hope you take your time reading them and if you got any question feel free to ask in the Technical Support.
    Our ToS - Rules must be followed all the time you’re browsing our sites or while using our services because we’re so strict about them and failing to follow them will end up in a punishment from our staff members.

    1 • You cannot have more than one VPS, you must give a chance to others because the limit is One per person.

    2 • Dos Attacks through our servers is going to be blocked, if you’re caught abusing it in another way you will be barred from our services.

    3 • Port 25 and Mail is going to be blocked from our servers, If you ever caught trying to use port 25 or mail you will be dealt with strictly.

    4 • Do not share your Virtualizor Panel username and password with anybody( Staff will never ask for your password.)

    5 • Do not use our servers for illegal actions, If you’re caught using our servers for this purpose, you will be punished strictly.

    6 • You should be mature with nice attitude all the time while browsing our hosting forums or main site.

    7 • Proxies are not allowed on our services, they are blacklisted especially while using our services or registering an account.

    8 • No Torrents or mining.

    9 • We use fair share resources so you better be careful because we’re watching everything.

    10 • Always use your real details, fake ones will get your application to get rejected.

    Finally, please do not refrain from committing to the rules set out above. Disobedience of all that was explicit entails punishments, from mild to severe, but they will assure that incidents of the same order won’t repeat oftenly. Your commitment to everything that has been established here will determine your stay in the community, hence why we faithfully believe that you will strive in order to be able to have a decent environment.

    We hold the right to change these terms of use at any time.


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