Please Note: VPS Application Takes 2 - 3 Weeks+

Some question

  • Hi guys, I’m new here. And I want to ask something.
    After done some work here, I found that the “VPS Users” seems like very few accounts. My invoice number is 657 but when I checked the “VPS Users” it’s maybe only about 20-30? Is the other have a suspended account or something? Or maybe my false ah?

    Another question, can I use free domain for username? Like .tk or something similiar? I only have that, really. Is that okay?
    Sorry for my bad English. Not my native.



  • Retired Staff

    Hello @tiwil
    Thank you for contacting our support, the VPS Users group on our forums gets invited by us and we Invite everybody that has access to our free services and has his own VPS which means he needs to accept the invitation manually through our forums.


  • Ok then, I’m still waiting for my VPS to be accepted. I hope it’s as soon as possible.



  • Excuse me I want to add a new question here. How to renew my VPS? I’ve requested my at 30/09 and now it’s 29/10 so only 1 day remaining so how can I renew it?

  • administrators

    @amirgt IT will renew automatic no actions required for now by you.

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  • 0.5 CPU Power
  • x1 IPv4 + /80 IPv6

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Please Note: VPS Application Takes 2 - 3 Weeks+

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